Antiga Meloussa – Season 2018

Jun 29, 2018

Starting the 2018 season in Menorca and preparations on the Antiga Meloussa

The summer season 2018 has already started a few weeks ago and our beloved ‘Antiga Meloussa’ sail boat is already cruising along the coast of Menorca, enjoying wonderful days of sun on the sea, anchoring in our coves of crystal clear waters and singing to the freedom between the sky and the sea.

Sacando a Antiga Meloussa fuera del agua

But before we got to the point where we are, and to be able to offer to our customers some of the delights of the Mediterranean summer, during the spring time we worked very hard. This spring hasn’t been, as normal, as recent years, with plenty of fresh, rainy, windy and cloudy days. This fact delayed us a little bit and made us get out of hibernation a little bit later than we were used to. A good annual ‘maintenance’ is always necessary to have the boat in great conditions and for everything to go phenomenally during the summer.

Our sailboat spends its winter at the mooring , in the port of Mahón, practically without moving and consequently it turns out to be a good habitat for snails, mussels and algae; all this biodiversity is not a good ally to navigation, so it is necessary to remove the boat from the water to clean and repaint the hull. For this we left our mooring for a few days, we let ourselves be embraced by the straps of the dry dock crane and we defied the laws of gravity for a few minutes to leave the sea for a few days and land on the ground. There we performed the tasks of cleaning and repainting.

So year after year the ‘Antiga Meloussa’ continues to glide through the water as if it were the first day and is in the most excellent condition. With the hull renewed, we return to our mooring and will continue there with the other tasks of preparation and maintenance. Checking everything, repair anything and assemble the details that make Antiga Meloussa so unique. We continued with a revision and ‘tuning’ of the engine and the propeller. Maintenance and repair of the bilge system, the electrical systems, and this year it has been necessary to change the batteries (to continue having always the ‘batteries’ well charged…). Cleaning and treatment of metal parts and including the anchor. Treatment of the deck teak and thorough cleaning of the boat.

Pili y Miguel pintando Antiga Meloussa

These are the necessary tasks that are carried out year after year before starting each season, but this year we have also had an extra task of considerable importance: finding a new Captain for our sailboat. Miguel will be the patron this year of Antiga Meloussa for the 2018 Season, a young Barcelonian, but resident in Menorca and like most of us, totally in love with the island, its coves, the sea and the whistles of the sea breezes; full of energy, kind and aware of passengers needs onboard and with a huge passion for the sea and sailing. Also this year we have moved mooring, we are still practically in the same place, in the Moll de Ponent of the port of Mahon, but now tied to one of the new wooden pontoons. And coincidentally the orientation of our mooring will facilitate the maneuver of docking and undocking in case of wind, important when in our case we, as we hope to perform it many times this season…

Menorca en Velero

After all the jobs are done and new bureaucratic requirements are complete, to carry out our activity, we are ready to do what we like most: charter and sailing trips in Menorca. Enjoy the sea, visit the paradise coves of Menorca, bathe in its crystalline and turquoise waters , admire the fauna and marine flora, let ourselves be taken in by the song of the bird and feel your energy light up by the rays of the sun. Above all, we make you enjoy yourself and share with you the soul and character of Menorca and out beautiful boat. Our passion is your joy, your relaxation and being able to share this unique destination with you, is what drives us every day. Alquilar velero puerto de mahon

Our stage is the Mediterranean sea and the Menorcan coasts.

Our means is our sailing ship ‘Antiga Meloussa’.

Our goal is to make you spend one of the most wonderful and magical days of summer.

We are waiting for you!

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